Impromptu Bentonite Clay Application & Review

Friday, April 20, 2012
Hair before application, my hair is dry.

I have way to much time on my hands of late, so I decided to a Pretty Curls Bentonite Clay treatment on my hair, as this was totally on a whim I didn't have much in stock so I googled some mixtures.
A lot of the online sources mix the Bentonite Clay with Aloe Vera Juice or herbal infusions, I didn't have any of that so I used water, Olive Oil and Pretty Curls Sweet Jojoba Oil.

Bentonite Clay is a sedimentary clay from volcanic ash and is an effective and powerful healing clay full of minerals that are great for cleansing and detoxing hair and skin.


I think the mixture is suppose to the consistency of pancake mix, mine looked like baby poo (guess I better get used to that!) it took a lot of mixing to get as smooth as possible. applying the clay was very messy and gunky but I managed to get the mixture on my hair in 15 minutes

It was a bit like applying a relaxer....

Half way done

all done!

The finish result looked alot like a relaxer with out the torture of scalp burns! I left the clay on my hair for 30 minutes

wet hair after rinse and condition

washing out the clay was simpler than I imagined and my curls felt nourished instantly and super clean. I conditioned my hair MMMhair conditioner and used Root2Tip Honey Rain Juice as a leave-in, I stretched my hair by smoothing in Root2Tip Twurly Butter then I two strand twisted my hair which I will leave over night.....Now I'm off to order some Aloe Vera Juice so I can use it next time as I'm a Bentonite Clay convert!

Two strand twist

*DO NOT like me use metal spoon or bowl when using bentonite clay as I have now learned it can cause the clay to be less effective! FAIL!!!!!


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