Happy Fingers

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Retail therapy is not to be underestimated; it’s not something women make up to mask their latest impulse buy. When we feel like crap it tends to reflect in the way we look. When I’m having a bad day I throw on grey and head out the door, when I’m feeling perky let the colour clash commence! When I’m feeling confident my style tends to get more, shall we say, experimental. Having a job where I’m often sat at a computer for the majority of my day it gives me a boost to look down and see my happy fingers tapping away. As silly as it sounds, I may not be what I wear, but I dress how I feel and looking down at perky nails makes me feel like doing jazz hands; that can’t be a bad thing.

ASOS’s range of Nail Rock wraps take happy to a new level, for accent nails or from your pinky to your thumb fashionista’s without the ability to recreate the Sistine Chapel on their fingers have no excuse

This Meadham Kirchoff collaboration with Nail Rock made an appearance at their runway show at LFW SS 2012 and is great for accent nails and are available on ASOS 

Nail Rock nail wrap are availble from ASOS 


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