Hair Talk With Christiana

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Firstly introduce yourself? Where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Christiana Greene and I’m from Pasadena, MD, but currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I am an online vintage boutique owner, blogger, and just a general fashion enthusiast.

How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural for almost 5 years now.  

If you have transitioned to natural what prompted you more from processed to naturalhair?
It just made sense to me. Relocating to NYC—well, Brooklyn made me do it. There’s just such a strong natural hair culture/movement here. Plus, it feels healthier and it was about time.

How did you transition, did you big chop?
I just stopped flat ironing one day. Instead of the whole process of blow drying and flat ironing after washing it, I just washed it, added gel, and wore it…called it a day.

What were the main reasons for your choice to wear your natural hair? 
It definitely seemed much healthier to me and I wanted a change. Just wanted to be completely me.

What are your earliest hair memories? How did these memories influence your hair journey today?
Me crying and whining while my grandmother/mom/aunt brushed through my tangles as a kid. I was “tender-headed” as they called it haha. My hair was always in 2 braids as a kid.

What does having naturalhair mean to you? 
Having natural hair is liberating to me because I get to be all me, not saying I wasn’t before, but it just seems like wearing my hair natural is being free. 

How do you keep your hair looking so good? 1-2 times a week, I’ll wash my hair with Queen Helene’s Royal Curl shampoo and conditioner (both can be found at WholeFoods market or online). After that, I’ll scrunch with gel and cream, and sometimes I’ll spray a hair conditioning mist and then I tie it up with a scarf to let it dry. Sometimes I twist it up in a tight bun and let it dry all day, then take it out in the evening if I go out—this gives it bigger wave-like curls.

What products do you use in your hair? 
I like to use DevaCurl Angel gel, Allafia virgin coconut & shea hair lotion, and LustraSilk curl max twisty curly spray…sometimes I use all of these together and sometimes separately. Also, Jason Smoothing Sea Kelp conditioner is pretty good too. I highly recommend all DevaCurl products though. Oh, and good ol’ plain coconut oil is great too.

What are your go to hair style?
Wearing it out, I like my hair air dry. For bigger wave-like curls, I let it dry in a tight bun (all day), then take it out. I like to wear it twisted up in a scarf during summer months when it’s hot—just to get it off my shoulders.

How do you protect your hair in the winter months?
Deep conditioning once a month and I add coconut or argan oil more often.

Do you have any advice for women starting out on there natural journey?Try as many products as you need to, to see what works best with your hair.

Tell us about your style?
I have granny-ish style. I’m an old soul with a new twist…does that make any sense? I feel like that almost sounds cliché, but it’s true haha. On a daily, I love penny loafers and a great sweater. I like pairing a lot of comfy loose garments that have classic silhouettes with heels. You won’t catch me at an event or party without ‘em.

What are your favorite places to shop?
I love thrifting. That is my favorite pastime. I also like H&M, Zara, and a place called OAK NYC.

Any tips for young ladies trying to start their own business/blog ect
Make sure you have a solid plan. Whatever it is you want to do, create a good plan and stick with it. Also, do your research.

How is you natural hair procieved in your job roll?
It works well with my job. Otherwise, I’d have to leave. I can’t go through life not being me or it just won’t work.

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