Baby Mail: Stretch Marks

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I received my first few baby related emails asking for tips and advice, I'm not to sure how much I can help as this is my first baby so it's all new to me! though I can share my findings and what I'm going though at the moment;

"I am looking for some quick advice, maybe you know maybe you don't but I give you a try. I too have been given the great news of soon to be motherhood and I am so excited, almost too excited. However my only concern is taking care of my skin. Do you have any advice for what creams or oils I could use to prevent stretch marks. I know my skin won't ever be as perfect as it is now, (smile) but I would like to try and come close."- Tricia    
Firstly and unfortunately there is no product on the market that is proven to stop stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by the changes in elasticity of the skin as it stretches to accommodate our growing babies. Stretch marks are scars, as the skin stretches rapidly it causes small tears that show up on the surface of the skin, fortunately for some stretch marks are not present though all pregnancies (so some lucky ladies may not have them at all!)
for those ladies who do get them it is hard to say why this is, it could be caused by genetics, age (some younger mums are more prone), gaining to much weight to quickly, the size of your baby or holding on to excess amniotic fluid.
Though there is nothing you can do to stop stretch marks there are some products that can decrease the scarring caused, such as Bio-Oil which is formulated to improve the appearance of stretch marks, you should start using Bio-Oil early in your second trimester and use on the areas that are prone to stretch marks, such as the abdomen, breasts, lower back and your booty.
I've been using Afrocenchix Moi Mango Ultra Moisturising Body Butter, which contains Vitamin E that helps to make skin firmer and improves elasticity, I've been using Moi Mango since week 6 of pregnancy along with a healthy diet and lots of water. Remember not to worry to much about stretch marks they do fade over time and serve as a reminder of bringing you gorgeous baby into the world!

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