Thursday Talk: Natural Hair & Our Children

Thursday, March 1, 2012
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It seem the press has gone natural hair crazy since Viola Davis made a huge impact at the Oscars with her short natural hair it seems the everyone from the Daily Mail to the hello magazine online are talking about black women's naturally curly hair.

The newest poster girl is Thandie Newton who some will know earlier in the year gave an exclusive interview to her friend and make up artist Kay Montano  on forgoing chemical relaxers for her natural hair, her main reason being for the sake of her two young daughters who's hair she admits to keeping 'wild and scruffy' and she talks of wanting to be a role model or should we say 'hair' model for her children.
though this has been discussed on many blogs and forums I have never discussed how important your relationship with your hair effects your children's relationship with their hair on Natural Belle
Many parents I know refuses to let there child straighten or relax their hair, and have told be me they hope that their child will never result to chemical relaxers, however some of these woman choose to relax their own hair or constantly wear a weave  which is their choice but the double standard is there for us all to see. we all want the best for our children so how come that best is not what you wish for yourself? 

so what say you mummies (& dads)? share your thoughts and stories about your hair and your child's hair.....please comment below (non parents feel free to comment)

Thandie Newton & Daugthers


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