Thursday Talk: Love, Peace and Hair Grease?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Earlier this week I was catching up on my YouTube viewing, checking out my home girl AFRICAN EXPORT and came across her Grease and water twistout video. Their has been many debates within the Natural Hair community about the use of petroleum based hair grease on natural hair check out Curly Nikki's post here so I am aware I am not covering new ground.
However I have always been on the anti hair grease crew, for no other reason than I had been told that products such as DAX & Blue Magic are bad for natural hair.
Though I haven't used grease on my hair for years, after chatting to AFRICANEXPORT on twitter I was reminded that my hair used to look great when I used Blue Magic, yes I had youth on my side but I also had a head of healthy natural hair with no evil side effects of the 'dreaded hair grease'
So I'm wondering with a few alterations, avoiding my scalp and only using to seal in moisture could hair grease be my new best friend?

At around £1.99 for a large pot, hair grease is definately cost effective opposed to the natural product I usually use which costs around £16.50!
I know thier are many natural products such as Castor Oil or Shea Butter that are resonably priced and work as a good sealent but I'm just so intrigued by grease! so I brought some Blue Magic Coconut Hair Conditioner and I'm planning to give it a go

So what Natural Hair 'No No's' do you use or do? dry styling? blowdrying? shampoo with sulphates or hair grease?


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