Thursday Talk: DIY vs Professional Stylist

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ask most Naturalista's  about visiting the salon they will have a multitude of horror stories regarding heavy handed salons, under qualified  stylists even being told they should relax their hair! it's no wonder that many natural's steer clear of hair salons even the one's that claim to be dedicated to natural hair and locs in favour of D.I.Y.
With the multitude of YouTube videos showing us (wrongly or rightly) how to cut, colour, straighten and braid our hair the humble stylist has almost become obsolete.
where some of us are doing our own hair because it is more cost effective other steer clear of salons because they feel the service just isn't there.
it is no secret that many black woman spend a lot on their hair and even though as naturals we save on 6 week visits to the salon for relaxers and blowdrys those Huetiful steamers and branded natural hair products do not come cheap. After a quick twitter poll many Natural Belle followers are D.I.Y but would consider visiting a salon if they could find a good stylist.
I  like a bit of both, though I don't see the point in visiting the salon to braid or style my hair when I need a hair cut I know my limitations and seek professional help the same goes for colouring my hair

So over to you...are you strictly D.I.Y, or do you have a great stylist that you visit?
Do you think professional styling is needed? 


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