Carols Daughter to Launch 'New' Transitioning Website

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Solange Knowles, ambassador for Carol's Daughter features in this promo video for Carol's Daughter's 'new' website for transitioners, I guess the brand had a turn around on their new 'poly-ethnic' target audience after the popularity of natural hair amongst black woman continues to grow organically worldwide both on-line and with the growing amount of non-corporate events and products being launched.
I hope Carol's daughter pay homage to the resources that have been aiding woman with their natural hair journeys for many years now, such as BGLH, The Coil Review, KisforKinky, KimmyTube, Curly Nikki and the many many bloggers and YouTubers that have grown this community from the ground up and put in the work!
The video has already gained some less than positive comments for Solange not wearing her (stunning) natural hair but what appears to be one of her protective wigs.
However I hope the new website has something new to offer and doesn't just focus on selling product.


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